Hi there, welcome to my Unfold Wellbeing Blog.

My name is Solange and I’m here to support you to awaken your heart, align you with your soul, and accelerate your spiritual unfolding. It is my absolute passion to guide and help others release whatever may be preventing them from unleashing their abundance, joy and leading a soul-fulfilled life.

Solange van Dijk

For years I dreamt of working for myself and creating the ideal work/family life balance, especially after my 1st baby was born. However, I felt stuck and had many limiting beliefs and fears. So, this prevented me from following my heart, and instead, I held on to the false sense of security that my lifestyle offered at the time. I chose the "secure" job, and as time passed I became more and more demoralised until I eventually hit rock bottom! I had a complete stress-induced meltdown and was diagnosed with depression. This turned out to be my ‘breakthrough’.

I knew if I wanted different results I needed to shift my thinking, regain my confidence and self-esteem, and focus on what my heart truly desired. I made a commitment and took action. Through Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and ThetaHealing I experienced a massive shift in my mindset. I discovered a brand new me, replete with confidence, clarity, and a well-defined mission to serve others. I had regained the courage and conviction to pursue my dreams!

Having suffered from the effects of stress myself trying to juggle both a demanding career, motherhood, and home life, which lead to post-partum depression, I came out the other end fully committed to make it my mission to promote self-awareness in mental health, spiritual awakening, personal development, and growth. Today, as a Life Coach and Theta Healer, I thrive in helping others release any fears, limiting beliefs, or patterns that may be preventing them from following their dreams and tapping into their potential and purpose. I am passionate about helping you find meaning, happiness, and wellbeing in your life. Realigning you with your soul and heart, unleashing your abundance from within!

Therefore, I created this blog, to share with you my story, an insight into my journey with all the ups and downs of what it means to go through a spiritual awakening. Of what it means to make a commitment to your personal growth and following your heart in all aspects of your life. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Also, what are the effects of this on your relationships, work, etc?

I also intend to share tips and tricks on many different topics related to personal development and spiritual growth.

I will be posting videos, written content, meditations, etc, once a week. This will all be available through this blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with lots of free resources to assist you in your journey.

You can also grab my free self-care tool-kit directly from my website www.unfoldwellbeing.com packed with lots of great tips, activities, and exercises to inspire you and help you set up your own self-care plan.

If you are feeling stuck in your life right now because you fear change or you are unclear about which direction to take, or if you feel disjointed from life and not in line with your heart desires. If you are lacking a sense of meaning, joy, or purpose. Stay tuned as I will be sharing loads of info, tips, and tricks that will help you on your journey.

I am happy to be of service and heartily committed to help and share my experience and information for the highest benefit to you. So, let me know what are your top 3 topics that you would like me to share some knowledge on? It could also be what are your fears and obstacles at the moment?

Much Love Always


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