In this training you will not only learn the history of cacao, its benefits, how to source and prepare your cacao, but also learn how to create a daily ritual practise for yourself in a powerful, safe and sacred way.


While working with cacao daily, you will open your intuition to receive guidance from cacao spirit, but also from your own inner wisdom. This heart-opening plant medicine will support you in the unfolding of your authentic self and offer you a gateway to greater self-love, awareness, and expansion of consciousness.

Cacao Journey - Introduction

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    • Anyone who is curious about working with cacao as a heart-opening plant medicine
    • If you want to deepen your connection and learn how to work with cacao on a personal level.
    • You are ready to embark on a self-healing and transformational journey



    • 7 hours in person teachings plus 2 in person ceremonies
    • 1 online Q&A check in
    • Support & guidance within your daily ritual practise
    • Workbook with exercises and prompts to help you during your ritual practise
    • Guided Meditations
    • Private Facebook group
    • 200gr of cacao
    • 20% off voucher for any of Kura Cacao products