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My Journey and Breaktrough

Today I am happy, I am grateful for my beautiful family and am following my dream of making a positive difference in the world. However, growing up I wasn’t sure what career I should pursue, so I followed the culturally normal path of going to university, gaining a degree, finding a job, getting married and divorced!  I finally ended up in Dubai pursuing a new career opportunity and a chance to recreate my life. That’s when I found love again and embraced Motherhood.

After having little Jopie, my first son, I found myself conflicted about whether I should return to work or remain at home with my child. Throughout this journey I found myself dealing with a variety of stressful situations, which all had a negative impact on my wellbeing. I dreamt of working for myself and creating the ideal work/family/life balance. However, I also felt stuck and had many limiting beliefs and fears. This prevented me from following my heart and instead I held onto this false sense of security that my lifestyle offered.

So, I carried on in a ‘secure’ job, and as the months passed, I became more and more demoralised until eventually, I hit rock bottom. I had a complete stress meltdown and was diagnosed with depression. I was sent home on sick leave and never actually returned to that job. This was the ‘breakthrough’ that forced me to focus on myself and what was truly important to me. I knew if I wanted different results I needed to shift my thinking, regain my confidence and self-esteem, and focus on what my heart truly desired. I decided there and then to take action, and made a commitment to doing whatever it took to get my life back on track.

I went on a healing journey, which started with making my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing a priority. I discovered Coaching, NLP,Theta healing and Reiki, and while studying these modalities I also started taking ceremonial grade cacao via the advice of a shamanic healer. Which I later discovered is, a plant medicine used for opening the heart and reconnecting with your emotions again and is nothing like the cacao you find on more mainstream shopping channels.

I started building a beautiful connection with cacao and experienced a massive shift in my mindset and therefore my life. It had opened my heart and deepened the path to a more authentic me. I regained the courage and conviction to shed the self-limiting beliefs, the illusion of fear, and the societal pre-programming of how my life should look. And as my spiritual journey unfolded my connection with cacao grew deeper and deeper until I got the calling to share it with others.

I started experimenting with many different ceremonial cacao brands until I found my top favourites and decided to combine them in my therapies. I always seek to know the origin of my cacao and opt for sourcing it from suppliers that follow ethical and fair-trade practices but also that work closely with indigenous communities that follow organic and traditional ways of growing, harvesting, and making the highest quality of ceremonial grade cacao.

Communities that honour, respect and follow their ancestors in working with this beautiful plant medicine allowing their wisdom to be shared via the cacao. And I’m excited to share these with you too.

With love always,


My qualifications


  • Theta Healing Advanced - Think Institute of Knowledge

  • Life and NLP Coach - Robert Simic Coaching accredited by (CCE/ICF and NLPC) - Dubai

  • First Aid Mental Health - LightHouse Arabia - Dubai

  • Stress Management Trainer - Stress Management Society UK



  • Bachelors in Applied Foreign Languages - UCP Lisbon

  • Over 10 years working experience in HR, Administration, and Customer Service roles.

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