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  • Natural Cacao Paste - 200GR bag.


    Discover Macambo, a unique relative of cacao celebrated for its delicate white beans – also known as pataxte or cacao blanco, The White Jaguar.


    Our Macambo paste, sourced from Ecuador's indigenous forest farms, reflects a rich cultural heritage passed down through generations of Kichwa and Shuar farmers. Planted by grandmothers and mothers, Macambo trees thrive in biodiverse environments, supporting biodiversity and preserving native forests.


    This exceptional paste offers remarkable nutritional benefits. With three times more protein than macadamia nuts, twice the fiber of almonds, and 1.3 times more Omega 9 than walnuts, Macambo is a nutritional powerhouse. Additionally, it contains Theobromine, aiding in reducing blood pressure and muscle relaxation. Elevate your cacao experience by combining it with  Macambo – a delicious blend of tradition, sustainability, and health.

    Our cacao is:

    - Kosher Pareve

    - Vegan

    - No gluten, dairy

    - Non-GMO

    - Kibbled

    - Ethically sourced

    ** Please Note **

    The purchase of cacao includes 30 minutes online cacao introduction session. You can book your session here. You can book your session here.

    Ceremonial Cacao - Ecuador Jaguar

    SKU: CJAG0001
    • Cacao has long been revered for its wide range of health-giving properties. As one of the highest plant-based sources of iron and magnesium on the planet, cacao is packed full of antioxidants and feel-good compounds, making it a natural and delicious way to boost your mood and support your well-being!

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