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  • Natural Cacao Paste - 250GR bag.


    This ceremonial raw cacao (full-fat cacao paste) from Guatemala's Polochic region is part of the Criollo species and has been produced at temperatures below 42 degrees Celsius, retaining its natural essence and qualities. It is characterised by a delicate yet rich flavour, dominated by milk chocolate with perceptible notes of blackberries and other forest fruits. The cacao leaves an aftertaste of hazelnuts and cardamom. It is exceptionally mild, with no tartness or sourness, but rather sweet.


    The Baya cacao plantation, where this cacao is grown, is located in the picturesque Polochic Valley in Guatemala and is farmed organically according to permaculture principles. All stages of production, from harvesting to the creation of cacao paste, are carried out sustainably, with respect for the environment.

    Our cacao is:

    - Vegan

    - Non-GMO

    - Kibbled

    - Ethically sourced

    ** Please Note **

    The purchase of cacao includes 30 minutes online cacao introduction session. You can book your session here. You can book your session here.

    Ceremonial Cacao - Guatemala Baya Crudo

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    • Cacao has long been revered for its wide range of health-giving properties. As one of the highest plant-based sources of iron and magnesium on the planet, cacao is packed full of antioxidants and feel-good compounds, making it a natural and delicious way to boost your mood and support your well-being!

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