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  • Tribal Soul Incense 

    High quality premium incense, handrolled in India

    All ingredients are organic, non-toxic.

    Package of 15gr


    Palo Santo and White Copal

    Both Palo santo and Copal have been used for thousands of years by indigenous Shamans to heal the body and soul, purify spaces, clear negative energies, and to prepare for meditation.


    While paolo Santo )Holy Wood= is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America, Copal is a resin, once considered as sacred by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America.

    These sticks wonedrfully combine the balsamic, herbal scnet of Paolo santo wood with the sweet, piney smell of Copal, enhancing concetartion and bringing peace and harmony.





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    • Choose the right incense depending with with your intentions (Healing, Clearing, Protection). Incense should always be used in a more ritualistc way,  with respect and intent so that you can invoque certain energies. Use it for healing, meditation , prayer or relaxation.

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